Wallpaper Islami


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Kalirafi ArabBeautiful Nightfree wallpaper Masjid Termegah di duniafree wallpaper


Gambar Kaligrafi

Kaligrafi Islam Wallpaper Islami Klik gamar untuk melihat ukuran penuh

Kaligrafi MuhammadBunga

Kaligrafi IslamKaligrafi indah_2Islamic WallpaperBautyfull CalligraphyWallpaper IslamicKaligrafi

Walpaper Islami



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151 comments on “Wallpaper Islami

  1. Very beautiful and the music is so soothing. Matches your beautiful work. Thanks for stopping my and liking my blog post. I might not have found you otherwise. I am now following you and look forward to more wonderful posts like this.

  2. Assalamu’alaikuum warahmah…
    Akhi, excuse me. I copy very much pictures and the wise words almost all, hehehe. Tks a lot.

    • Wa’alaikumsalam Warahmatulullahi Wabarakatuh
      Sister Nehza please, do not need to ask permission, all science is God’s
      I just intermediaries,

      thank you very much because ukhti Nehza want to visit the place of my (Calligraphy Nusantara), please do’anya so I could better future.

      My polite greeting, full of wisdom greetings, greetings ukhuwah fillah

  3. subhanallah…sungguh sejuk dan damai untuk dilihat, terlebih jika melihatnya dg hati… dapat menenangkan jiwa yg kerontang… untuk musafir kehidupan…
    thanks udah mampiir ke blogku yg sederhana ya mas… sukses untukmu

  4. Hi, thanks for liking my California Dreaming post . I was wondering if you would re-blog it for me? I am trying to get writers/film people to see it for Chandresh. Yesterday, someone reblogged one of my posts and I got 100 posts.
    I appreicate you help. Namaste. . . .Anne

  5. Love the music, just lovely.

    Great photos, but I can’t get over that photo of the stadium. AMAZING. And I love to think of all those people gathered for fun, to celebrate sport and wellness. It’s great.

  6. I understand now.
    I searched YouTube and I found the video Maher Zain. The song name is : For the rest of my life
    I do not know to put like you. I put videos.
    I understand … you are DJ, right? You composed this song.

  7. Ping-balik: The Escape – Part I | WordsFallFromMyEyes

  8. Assalamu’alaikum warokhmatullohi wabarokatuh,
    Sukhanalloh, terus berkarya semoga berkah dan menyelamatkan di dunia dan akhirat dengan izin Alloh swt. Ammiin.
    Selamat tahun baru 1435 H. Mari saling memaafkan dan berdakwah karana Alloh swt. Sukron. Jazakallohu bilkhoir khoiran katsira.
    Wassalamu’alaikum warokhmatullohi wabarokaatuh

  9. Das alte Jahr ist nun verronnen
    in 2014 sind wir angekommen.
    Ich wünsche dir für dieses Jahr
    das nichts mehr ist so wie es war
    So soll es besser sein mit Gesundheit, Freude und Glück
    so schaust du auch gerne nicht mehr zurück.
    ╠╣‹(•¿•)›..F R O H E S
    ╠╣..(█)… N E U E S
    ╠╣…/ I …. J A H R
    Ich danke dir für deine Treue und freue mich auf ein neues Jahr mit und bei dir.
    Liebe Grüsse von Kerstin

  10. In addition to saying thanks to your appreciation of my several China Daily Mail articles, I cannot stop from saying that your blog is superb, and so warm that the images’ impacts reach the bottom of my heart ! Shall the force of peace with you.

  11. I was in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery this morning and found an exhibition on calligraphy – it was most beautiful – and made me think of you. :)

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