kaligrafi Bunga indah

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10 comments on “kaligrafi Bunga indah

  1. ma’af ya, sy belum mengerti dgn kaligrafi yg di sebelah kanan gambar dr layar monitor sy .. mohon penjelasannya ya … trimakaih .. 🙂

  2. Firstly I want to say how beautiful this image is, but that is as standard for Kaligrafi Nusantara. Also I wish you a very happy New Year 2014, if I haven’t already done so (I’m a bit forgetful sometimes LOL). Thanks for showing your creativity and for inspiring me to become a graphic artist (well, sort of).

    All the best,


    • thank you dear friend,

      honestly .. for my new year problem is unusual to celebrate …, I prefer to remain in the labor room. I hope you are too happy and always successful. I hope you become a graphic artist and a lot better than me.

      thank you for all your kindness
      best wishes
      calligraphy archipelago

      oh yes …, I place my 2014 is already right …, I hope this new year will be much kedamain in the world

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