41 comments on “Kaligrafi Eid al Adha

  1. such a beautfil photograph…

    calm the seas are at this sunset
    where whispers don’t forget
    lingering on the night’s breath
    carried within the soul’s depth
    connecting the sun to the moon
    forever will arrive soon…

  2. This is a great site would like to have a featured post on my media sites at aceishop.com or acemedianews.blogger.com or both just let me know! Regards Ian PS Thanks for all your likes speak soon.

  3. There is such a Divine Spirit here. At times like this, I wish there was a “Universal Language” so all of us can understand one another. Bless you for the work you do. And thank you for the follow on Petals Unfolding. I am indeed honored.

    Namaste and (((HUGS))) Amy

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