World Blogging makes me a lot of friends from all over the world, we respect each other, respect each other. this is very exciting because a lot of adds to the experience, knowledge and many other things that I can I get.

Several times from blogger friends were very nice to me and nominate blogs Calligraphy archipelago. thank you very much for this award to the owner of the blog terumama of India ie http:// ,  which this time gave three awards to my blog. I hope this adds to my passion for creativity in the future.

I salute to all the blogger friends. may God repay you all

shine_onThank you very much



Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegThank you my best friend for nominated

Blog of 2013 the Year

Thank you very much my best friend for nominated   blog for the BLOG OF THE YEAR 2013 award

Awesome Blog Content Award

Thank you for :


Thank very Much for :

Family AwardInner peace award


Thank you very much my best friend for four awards, is a gift and respect for your kindness to me, and I can only say thank you.

24 comments on “Awards

    • Likewise with me, I am very happy to receive all of this, because it will be close and intimate fellow bloggers to facilitate each visit.
      Much obliged.
      may success always be with you my best friend.
      best wishes
      of calligraphy Archipelago

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